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  • Revenge of the Vengeance! New Psychostick Album preorder packages!
  • Hello Psychostick! Crap, we're gonna get sued, aren't we?
  • The official Guitar Ninja Headband! OMG!
  • What if your thumb roared like a dinosaur... the SHIRT!

    What if Your Thumb...

    ... roared like a dinosaur? Seriously. It'd look like this.

  • Obey the Beard!

    Obey the Beard Shirt!


  • Psychostick is Too Metal Shirt

    Psychostick is Too Metal

    Our best seller! Is this shirt TOO METAL for you? Probably. Pshaw.

  • All our music for stupid cheap! It hurts! ARGH!
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You guys are the best. I've ordered from Psychostick a few times now and it has always been awesome. I don't know what wizard is in charge of logistics, but shipping times are incredible. Also, opening a package to find unexpected goodies like picks and stickers really will make anyone's day. Hell, I think I'll even get use out of the Savon bag used as packing material. Shit like that is what keeps this band among my favorites all-time Don't stop being amazing.

Thank you, Benjamin

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